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The Forbearances, and Patients

Hello dear seyid really I have problem and the appropriate solution for it is patience and forbearance what I have to do in order to increase my patience? And what I have to do be eternally praising God and not complaining much more? I need a way out for purifying my soul and teaching it patience.

In the name of god the merciful the compassionate

1-think and reflection in God’ verses and what god has provides for human in paradise and good high levels in this world and hereafter for the forbearance, patients and thank givers.

2-read the life of patients and thanks givers and try to imitate them.

3-reading the ethic books.

4-abandoning sins and performing obligatory and optional duties

5-supplication and solicitation of God and the holy prophet (PBUH) 

Date: [2016/2/28]     Seen: [1165]

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