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Using loudspeakers outside the mosque

Salamu alaikum
There is a mosque in a residential area, they use external speakers when running various activities, like baby boomers, sahifeh, lectures and prayer with a loud sound that it disturbs the people living around and especially since some might have babies and patients, and they have spoken to the owners but to no avail, what is the legal ruling concerning this issue? And if it is prohibited, is attending such activities a sin?

In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

It is unfortunate to find such manifestations in a Muslim country, such mosques should know the rights of God and that of people, and that lawfully it is not permissible to infringe on people’s right, and may lead to sin and aggression if the person doing so does not have a lawful reason.

Date: [2016/11/20]     Seen: [1607]

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