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Negligence in performing salat Subh (Subh prayer) at exact time.

Negligence in performing salat Subh (Subh prayer) at exact time.

Assalamu Alaykum.

I feel sorry for myself as regards to the fajr prayers (Salat Subh). I want to wake up however, much i am determined to do that there is something which prevents me from doing so ,and I am afraid it will repeat ... I wish to perform salat at the exact time and in the best way. I will like to taste the sweetness of prayer.

Guide me! May Allah bless you.

In the name of the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful.

There is a specific Satan from the leader Iblis (L) , appointed to be in way of a believer, whenever he is sleeping he will whisper in him in order to prevent him from performing midnight prayers, in the first place. If he succeeds in that, then he goes on to whisper to him in his sleep during Fajr prayer or delay it until about sunrise. It's necessary for you to take refuge from Allah, from his evil plots and you must fight him as your brothers were fighting Da'ish. You fight yourself against committing Evil and those Satans among mankind and jinns this is the greatest jihad. Allah is the best helper.
Date: [2019/6/20]     Seen: [860]

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