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Spiritual wayfaring

Dispute in Spiritual wayfaring

Peace be upon you:


My dispute in regards to the practice of spiritual wayfaring. 


Question : 

We find in many books in regards to the supplications and invocations the 99 names of Allah that if the human being does this act it will have this effect, and if he repeats certain invocations it will have another special effect, and in the face of this claim was when Prophet Abraham (PBUH)said: “his knowledge of me avails me of my questioning.” Therefore, are these kinds of invocations acts a form of worship…or is it an act that has to do with the self that can be a way for the entrance of Satan because it will be an act that was chosen by himself and at the same time he does not know what is in his interest so he does not request what is beneficial for him. Also, he (human being) requests this materialistic world for a certain position, money, or any other thing and he thinks that he is doing a great thing? Therefore, how can I solve this problem? And how can we choose the proper supplication or practice? And also in regards to the supplication: “oh the one who has the ability to flip the hearts and eyes etc. He (a scholar) said say it how I say it, and it was narrated in this book the supplications and the commentary of the scholars in these two lines. And what was known in this section that every word has a special effect? I request that I am able to benefit from your knowledge and intuition.   


Invocations have levels and are different when it comes to the good deeds and bad deeds of the believers who are different in ranks, such as our dear prophet Abraham (PBUH). However, in regards to the situation of Prophet Abraham when he said what he said it was because his position as an Imam and what he was presented before the people as an Imam made him say these things to make apparent his Imamate during his time. Moreover, if the prophet Abraham (PBUH) was in a different situation he would have allowed the plan of Allah (SWT) to move forward and Allah knows best. 

Date: [2019/11/16]     Seen: [790]

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