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I am an employer I spend all my income in living spends do I have to notice the end of the month of fifth (humus)

A person who is an employer has a monthly salary- he spends it all in the living spends- and he has trade business he get all month the outcome- he spends, and he has a lawn and his capital is a lawn too do he has to note the beginning of the year- the benefits of living spends also have to give fifth from it.
in the name of god the merciful the compassionate

Note the beginning of the year in order to know what is extra  from your income then give the fifth, even if it is one dinar, about the benefit from your woks there is fifth, if it is an accelerated debt there but if is Deferred debt you take it from the year spends, in this case he has to give the fifth from what is in his hand even if what is in his hand is debt, does not mean that whoever has a debt will not give fifth, but the matter is he will not give the fifth if the debt is deferred, you can also go to your marja(Islamic leader) and see what he say.
Date: [2015/4/5]     Seen: [1398]

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