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1.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  seyid Shabu Adden Al Mar’ashi Najafi (may god bless his soul)

2.       Ayatollah seyid Al jazaeri

3.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  seyid Abdullah Azserazy(may god bless his soul)

4.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  Seyid Mhdi Ehwan Al Mar’ashi(may god bless his soul)

5.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  Seyid Muhamad Reza Golpaygany(may god bless his soul)

6.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  Seyid Mufti Shia(may god bless his soul)

7.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  Seyid  Muhammad Sharudy

8.       Ayatollah Seyid Mahmud Mussawy Dihsurhee

9.       Ayatollah Al Uzma  Seyid Muhamad Ali Iraqi (may god bless his soul)

10.   Ayatollah Al Uzma Muhammad Fadel Lankrany (may god bless his soul)

11.   Ayatollah Al Uzma Nasssir Makarim Shirazy

12.   Ayatollah Al Uzma seyid Muhammad Langury(may god bless his soul)