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Imam Mahdi reappearence

Is there real sign about the reappearance of Mahdi the last imam the awaited one?

In the Name of God the merciful the compassionate.

The signs of the reappearance of Imam Mahdi are two kinds the definite one and indefinite one the first are some but the second are many more than two hundreds are mentioned in the book Al Imam Mahdi Alayhi Salam wa tulul Umre Binazratin Jadida (the Imam Mahdi and long life in new study) and letter (Ashahid Walmashud feel Mahdi Al mawud) in kawthiar Magazine number 19th the frequent of the definite signs are: narrated from kamaludeen from Imam Sadiq peace be upon him: the yamani and sufyani and a voice coming from the heaven and Eclipsed Baida and innocent killing in the holy shrine of kaba (Muntahabul Athiar p 239) O God bestow us a honorable republic which there Islam is glorified and Muslims, there infidel is dishonored and its allays. O God hasten your represent the victory and make us as his loyal shia and his helper and whom they will be martyred in front him. 

Date: [2015/11/4]     Seen: [1170]

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