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secrets of Hazrat Fatima al-Masoumeh (A)

Hazrat Fatima al-Masoumeh (A)

A secret from the secrets of Hazrat Fatima al-Masoumeh (A)

Imam al-Reza (A): “Whoever visits her knowing of her value or position heaven will become incumbent upon him or her.”

In regards to the term “knowing of her value”. “Haq” in Arabic meaning “value” which means something that is permanent, therefore her value “haqiha” in regards to what was made permanent in her status from Allah, the holy prophet and the holy Ahlulbayt (A). It has been narrated from the ziyarat of the Imams (A), that whoever visits Imam al-Reza also knowing of his value, and one of the greatest rights is that he is: An Imam who his obedience has become incumbent, and when it comes to Hazrat Fatima al-Masoumeh (A) there are so many divine blessings to her value. 

She received this great value and position in a house in which the remembrance of Allah was increased with the remembrance of the holy prophet and the holy Ahlulbayt in insight, knowledge and guidance. She was known for her spiritual wayfaring and her knowledge and her holy defense on the family of wilayat, and her deep connection with Allah. Her relationship and connection with the status of Imamate and with her fellowship of the Imam of her time, her brother Imam al-Reza (A). Also, she resembles her aunt Hazrat Zainab (A) in her bravery when she defended her brother Imam Hussain (A) the king of martyrs, she also resembles her mother Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (A) in her presence, holiness, and beauty and holy completeness.

Great poetry has been written on her behalf by the pen of Imam Khomeini (RA) in the Farsi language about her status and characteristics. 

The status of Hazrat Fatima al-Masoumeh (A) is known through the holy narrations of the holy Ahlulbayt, for example, the saying of her grandfather Imam al-Sadiq (A): “she is a part of me whoever visits her heaven will become incumbent on them”.

Her father Imam al-Kazim (A) said: “May her father be sacrificed for her”.

Her brother Imam al-Reza (A) said: “whoever visits her it is as if they have visited me “.

The son of her brother Imam al-Jawad (A): “whoever visits my aunt, heaven becomes incumbent upon them”. 

And all of these narrations have been narrated about the leader of the women of the worlds , Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (A), in which her father said about her: " she is a part of him, and that her father will sacrifice himself for her, and that whoever visits her, heaven will become incumbent upon them."



Date: [2019/12/1]     Seen: [898]

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