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Oppression on Seyid Shariat Madari

Hello dear Seyid you are in the Hawza of Qom there are rumors of oppression on Seyid Shariat Madari is it true that Seyid Khomeini ordered his arrest and torture, forcing him to apologize as it has been shown In one video that he was presenting his excuse and apologize to Imam Khomeini after the torture? And also is it true that Iranian government is against every one that is against him at the same way as shariat Madari? And is it true Sadiq Shirazi and Waheed Khurassani, Ruhani are separated from Hawza because of their difference of point of view about jurisprudence leadership? Help us about this questions beside Khomeini and Khamenei are they trusted Scholars or hegemonic power?


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

What you have said from others are not true do not neglected devil work on your mind to occupy you in things that are not in your interest. Our scholars are not hegemonic power we follow them by their piety and purity of soul and well doing and good conduct.

God is the all knowing
Date: [2016/3/2]     Seen: [1029]

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