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Faithfulness in action

Hello sir
What is the best manner of faithfulness in action and doing best which God will be happy, could we use the books which our honorable scholars have written in Zikr and Wird, advises, guidance?


In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate

Our honorable prophet (peace be up on him) said: (all Human beings are perished except scholars they all also are perished except the actives they all also are perished except the faithfulness and they all also are in big danger) the cause of that is the insincerity is like the crawl of Black Ant in dark Night in a hard rock who can feel the crawl of this Ant?, felling this ant crawl is not easier than faithfulness, it is very difficult only a big angel could endure it or a believer that God examined his heart by faith, it need big efforts. Abandoning the prohibited and the suspicions, more than that abandoning also the legitimate as you could, performing the obligatory and the optional, the good action of the faithful are the evils of the nears to God. This does not mean that one has to despair from the mercy of God and himself, he has to leave his path toward God as it is known that one thousand mils trip starts from one path God will help do not worry. Talking about the books that you have mentioned choose the best of them. God is the greatest.

Date: [2016/3/21]     Seen: [1051]

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